David N. Haney, Ph.D.
5455 Westknoll Dr.
La Jolla, CA 92037
FAX: 858-483-1046 EMAIL: haney@hbond.com


We have a great deal of experience working with many different computer systems. We can help you with your system administration and network design for many different computer types and setup networking between them. If you are interested in migrating some of your computer needs to the less expensive, more powerful GNU-LINUX, we can help install, migrate and train. We can install an on-site email system to handle in-office and INTERNET email. We can help with two of your most critical computer issues: backups and firewalls. We can teach you how to do your own maintenance or we can do maintenance via the INTERNET or on-site.

For FAST, FRIENDLY, RELIABLE service, please call 858-483-1197, or email haney@hbond.com.