David N. Haney, Ph.D.
January 2002



Dr. David N. Haney

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Be a leader developing the edge in biotech, molecular bio, pharmaceuticals, computational science.

Implement leading-edge technologies by participating in development of intellectual property, clinicals, computers/web; Facilitate new business development by working with teams to encourage new ideas for strategic planning, entrepreneurial management, marketing, and corporate strategy.  Assist in development of corporate partnerships for technical, new business, and marketing needs.


5/99-4/01 Special Advanced Biomaterials (Ogdensburg, WI); Acting Chief Scientific Officer.

-Develop topical pharmaceutical patent, funding, contract testing, negotiate terms, identify partners.

-Develop strategies for clinical studies, FDA submission, market analysis, sales partnering.

-Entrepreneurial startup, work with UCSD CONNECT, profit/loss, grants (SBIR) and VC funding.

1/97-5/99 21st Century Pharma, Inc (San Bernardino, CA); Acting Chief Scientific Officer.

-Identify in-license pharmaceutical opportunities, technical and business analysis, negotiate terms.

-Develop programs for countermeasures against chemical and biological warfare agents, extensions to civilian use and expedited FDA review.

-Strategies for clin. studies, computer analysis/network, FDA, market analysis, sales partnering.

-Entrep. startup, work with UCSD CONNECT, profit/loss, grants (SBIR) and VC funding, recruit.

5/93-current Haney Associates (La Jolla, CA); President, Senior Consultant.

-Develop advanced strategies for supercomputer methods in pre-clinical as well as clinical drug dev.

-Contract research in pharmaceuticals, develop intellectual property (IP), pre-clinical studies.

-UNIX and LINUX system administration and training, JAVA programming for drug discovery.

-Prepare profit and loss, funding from grant (NIH, NSF, SBIR, ATP) and VC, recruit talent.

-File patents, establish collaborations, obtain grants, develop product strategy, teach College Chemistry.

-Develop clinical study protocols, interface with contract & regulatory agencies.

-Develop programs for countermeasures against chemical and biological warfare agents.

-Develop and patent new angiogenesis inhibitor as anti-cancer agent (clinical studies in progress).

-Develop QSAR relationships for second messenger inhibitors as cancer treatments.

-Develop bio-informatics analysis procedures for selecting targets and for assessing clinical value.
-Evaluate Proteomics Analysis and Structural Genomics Analysis proceedures.

-Develop and establish marketing and sales plans (& partners) for 4 scientific software products.
-Expertise in molecular bio, computer simulation, clinical trials, licensing IP, business strategies.

1/87- 5/93 Biosym Technologies (San Diego, CA); Principal Scientist, Director Scientific Support, Collaborations, and Worldwide Technical Sales.

-Supervise 25 senior level scientists. Build efficient science team to collaborate with customers.

-Manage worldwide scientific resource for sales and collaborations with pharmaceutical partners.

-Assist pharmaceutical scientists in discovery research to develop intellectual property.

-Establish and manage training group and facility to teach computation & drug discovery to scientists.

-Obtain funding for government and biotech-funded contracts to develop intellectual property.

-Develop new structural model of hemoglobin function, & structural models for chimeric proteins.

-Develop and utilize bioinformatics methods for protein and nucleotide sequence databases.

-Develop & manage first corporate database (Oracle) of biotech partners, and intellectual property.

-Expertise in team management, database development, computer simulation, IP dev. and license.

1/82-6/87 Kimberly-Clark Corp (Neenah, WI); Scientist/Manager reporting to Sr.VP, Corp. Research & Ventures.

-Supervise 5 scientists. Build effective intrapreneurial team for drug discovery and clinical testing.

-Coordinate drug & diagnostic discovery for anticancer, antiviral and antibacterial applications.

-Develop novel anticancer technology and drug delivery and skin treatment technology.

-Develop and patent new diagnostic tool for metastatic cancer disease.

-Eval. new technologies for in-license opportunities: blood substitutes, antivirals, periodontal disease.

-Develop animal and human clinical study protocols, interface with regulatory, prepare reports.

-Manage all intrapreneurial aspects including patents, contract research, clinical and marketing.

-Initiate computational efforts to track and analyze pre-clinical and clinical studies.

-Expertise in intrapreneurial team management, biotechnology patents, contract clinical studies.

11/80-1/82 Brookhaven National Laboratory (Upton, NY); Research Associate; Biology.

-Postdoctoral work with Dr. Elliott Shaw in molecular design, proteolytic enzymes and inhibitors.

-Develop relationship between thiol protease and cancer metastasis.

-Expertise in computer simulation, enzymes, peptides, research grants, journal publication.

9/76-11/80 Northwestern University (Evanston, IL); Graduate Student, Chemistry and Biochemistry Departments.

-Thesis work (Ph.D., 1981) with Dr. Irving M. Klotz on molecular design for hemoglobin drugs.

-Develop process for chemical modification of hemoglobin-now used in blood substitutes.

-Expertise in hematology, modeling, hemoglobin, fluores., rxn kinetics, teaching, grants, pubs.

1/75-9/76 Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA); Non-degree research, Hematology/Biochem.

-Research with Drs. H. Franklin Bunn and Paul M. Gallop in structure, function, and biosynthesis

of mutant and glycosylated hemoglobins (Hb A1c). Develop relationship between diabetes and Hb A1c.

- Develop Hb A1c diagnostic assay for diabetic control that continues to be used today.

-Expertise in hematology, protein purification & sequencing, clinical assays, grants, pubs.

9/71-1/75 Boston University (Boston, MA); Undergrad. Student (B.A., 1975); Chemistry/Protein Chemistry

-Undergraduate research with Dr. Richard A. Laursen in protein purification and sequencing.

-Expertise in protein purification, fragmentation methods, automated methods for sequencing.


Clinical: trial design and monitoring, contract studies, computational analysis, regulatory documents, interface with regulatory agencies.
Laboratory: enzyme purification, assay, mechanisms; organic/peptide medicinal synthesis; protein sequencing and modification, DNA purification, microbial analysis. Cell morphology, fractionation and assays. Spectroscopy:NMR, IR, MS, UV, fluorescence. Separation:GC, HPLC, 2D electrophoresis, IEF. Computers: UNIX (Sun, HP, SGI, Cray, LINUX), VAX-VMS, MSDOS/Windows, MAC, Internet. Various software: molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics, quantum, distance geometry, statistical mechanics, QSAR, QSPR, statistical analysis, bioinformatics, various office suites, Oracle, system and network administration, business development and project management.


Big picture oriented. Negotiating deals, in- and out-licensing. Large complex project management: pharmaceutical discovery through clinical analysis and product into. Marketing new technologies. Entrepreneurial management of projects & teams in biotechnology and molecular biology, computer simulation and scientific support. Intellectual property development, technology assessment, new business development, contract negotiation, work with UCSD CONNECT. Continuing education courses in management, leadership and interpersonal relations. Develop goals, objectives, and budgets, install systems and methods, and provide leadership and mentorship. Innovative, conceptualizing, enthusiastic, new business ventures, and entrepreneurial. Supervisory experience and career development with Ph.D., M.S., B.S. people. Budgeting, corporate strategy, contract administration. Presentations to scientists, lawyers, review boards, executive management and VCs.


American Chemical Society (biol/medi/poly chem divisions), Sigma Xi, New York Academy of Sciences, AAAS, American Institute of Chemists (Fellow), Royal Society of Chemistry, Drug Information Association. Biographical listings (incl. Who's Who in Technology).


REFERENCES: Available.